Brothers Grimm tale

Episode 52. King Thrushbeard

“Long and thin has little in!”

It’s yet another win for Adam in the listener story poll, but will this story stack up?

After a princess insults her suitors, her angry father makes her marry a singing fiddler and she’s plunged into a life of poverty. But will their new crockery start-up save them from hunger and plight? And how many plot holes can a story have before it stops making sense?

Find out in our latest tale King Thurshbeard, where we learn why princesses need to do what they’re told, which bird has the most crooked beak, and what exactly Shakespeare and Henry VIII have to do with it all.

Chromolithograph after a drawing by Thekla Brauer, published in 1898.


By simply registering a formal complaint you can in some amazing prizes, including a gorgeous fairy tale book courtesy of Pook Press.

To win, simply send us your answer to the following question:

Out of all the scores we’ve given to the stories so far. What has been the greatest injustice on Grimm Reading?

Find a list of our story leaderboard here – and tell us where we went wrong! Get in touch however you want and the winner will be revealed in our Christmas special.

It really is a beauty this book.

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Grimm reading will return with an extra special episode…

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